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Specialists in Iridology, iridology software, digital and optical iriscopes, and iris diagnosis.

Iris Supplies was formed by Samuel R. Kennedy in 1998 and has become the new supplier in Iridology, iridology software, digital and optical iriscopes, and health products around the world.

Since establishing themselves three years ago Iris Supplies have produced a number of quality iridology software products. This has included Iridology99 Scanning, the world's first iris scanning iridology software, and now the next version, Iridology2000 Scanning (also available in Spanish). Iridology99 Nutri-Base and now Iridology2000 Nutri-Base, is another program that has been developed holding a large database of nutritional, food and herbal health tips.

Iris Supplies is also heavily involved in the development of new products. Behind this has been Samuel R. Kennedy an Iridologist, Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Homeopath, who runs a busy clinic in Mt Martha, Victoria. It's his everyday experiences in the office with his patients that have helped him to gain a deep understanding of the practitioners needs to design and develop products for practitioners like himself. With the backup of dedicated staff of skilled employees, Iris Supplies has developed, and continues to develop the latest technology in iridology software and hardware.

Iris Supplies have also developed their equipment including in their range, the Stereo Digital Iriscopes and the Zoom Digital Iriscopes. The first iriscopes produced to take digital imaging through the Iriscope. With this new development Iris Supplies has created the Stereo Tri-Iriscope, the first Tri-Iriscope, featuring both 35mm photography and digital imaging in one unit.

In 1999 Iris Supplies worked with Dr. David J. Pesek, world-renowned Iridologist to produce his own software, Iridology99 Interpretive Software and Reporting System (2000 version now available), and built to his specifications the new Pesek Tri-Iriscope. They also worked with Milo Milosevic to produce his own software, Constitutional Iridology.

Iris Supplies is currently working with other companies, nationally and internationally, developing new products. They are presently a consultant for Expanded Enterprises, the original developers of the Jensen camera system and are working with them in the research and development of new technology in iridology products.

As a company Iris Supplies aim to supply you with high quality products at a competitive price and the latest development in technology. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and want to be recognized as a company who shares a good relationship with all our clients by meeting your individual needs and providing the appropriate backup service you deserve.

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