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   Click here for more details    Iridology Station 5.1
Iridology Station 5.1 is an Iridology analysis and reporting software. Allowing the user to manage their Iridology images, overlay Iridology charts, record client details, scan the iris for color intensity and create reports ready for printing

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   Click here for more details    David Pesek's Interpretive & Reporting Software
After a quarter century of research and clinical practice, Dr. Pesek has developed a comprehensive system for analyzing the irides and reporting the overall genetic constitution, various conditions and accumulations and the levels of health of the body's systems of detoxification, organs, and glands. The 18 brain flair areas that reflect the conscious and subconscious thought and emotional patterns of the person are also brought to light with this system.

Now, this detailed and personalized Iris Analysis Report is made available to healthcare practitioners with this new and innovative Iridology software package. This dynamic method of analysis utilizes Holistic Iridology, which encompasses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to assist in healing the whole person.

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   Click here for more details    Iridology 2000 Nutribase
Iridology2000 Nutri-Base Iridology software is a comprehensive, easy-to-use database of innovative nutrition, food and herbal health tips. It is the fastest, easiest way to access the latest scientifically-based natural health discoveries and modern nutrition techniques to boost your health life in a language that is easy to understand. Iridology2000 Nutri-Base Iridology software illuminates more than 40,000 truly amazing but little publicized connectors between diet, nutrition and human health.

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   Click here for more details    Constitutional Iridology
This software CD covers the iridology constitutions as gathered by Milo Milosevic N.D. over his lecturing years.

This is a compilation of the constitutions from Deck, Angerer and American constitutions he has presented the ones that have seemed most appropriate for Australian naturopaths. It is written in such a way as to make it easily patient compliant & the analysis can be used even as a handout sheet.

The constitutions are divided into blue, brown & mixed with dietry & lifestyle guidelines. The CD also contains many photographs of irides from Milo's clinical cases, also other pupil and iris signs as well

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